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5 Ways You Can Use Your VPS Server Besides Web Hosting

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10 Ways to Use a Virtual Private Server

VPS Servers are widely used for hosting domains, and with their affordability, they have become a popular choice for businesses and individuals to host their websites. 

However, VPS Servers are not only limited to providing hosting services. There are many use cases available that can be useful to you.

Different companies provide VPS Hosting in India, among which you must choose the best for your requirements.

In this article, we’ve discussed all the best ways to use a VPS Server for different tasks from the best web hosting provider in India that suits your needs. 

What is VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of server created to bridge the gap between a shared hosting server and a dedicated server. It provides better functionality over a shared hosting server and almost similar features to a dedicated server at an affordable cost.

VPS follows a simple approach where a physical server is divided to create multiple Virtual Servers based on server virtualisation technology.

5 Best Ways to Use a VPS Server Besides Web Hosting

  1. Gaming Server Creation

An effective way to host private gaming servers is VPS. Top games like Runescape and Minecraft can be hosted using VPS without trouble. Creating a private gaming server using a VPS provides many benefits.

 It brings different customisation capabilities and host connections for different players. Moreover, it doesn’t have any logging or stability issues.

  1. Developing and Code Testing:

Working as a virtual working space, VPS enables different team members to access a central virtual location and continue the remote development work. 

Furthermore, VPS is an excellent option for testing applications, finding bugs, and eliminating those without setting up expensive servers.

  1. Set Up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPS helps you create a virtual private network that enables you to protect your location and other secret information while browsing the internet. In addition, it provides extra server protection as third-party VPNs can sometimes work faulty.

  1. Managing IoT Devices From a Central Hub

You can easily manage different Internet of Things devices using a VPS Server. In addition, you can control your home and office appliances using a central hub with complete security. 

Furthermore, this allows you to set up automated tasks like adjusting temperatures and turning out appliances like lights and Alexa.

  1. Set Up Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

You can secure your emails using the VPS. VPS Servers use encryption software to secure your emails. One of the best parts of VPS is that it can facilitate internet calls alongside keeping your emails safe.


VPS is very secure and provides different features that make it a popular server choice for businesses and individuals who need a server with better bandwidth than shared hosting and can easily be scaled if their website grows.

Besides all the mentioned things, with VPS, you can sync different files between devices and create a remote storage server. Moreover, it’s an affordable option to store your “Data Backup” to keep your website safe, and you can host a mail server to keep your emails confidential.

So, analyse your needs and choose the best VPS Server in India for your specific requirements. 

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