April 19, 2024

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Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) recently announced that Barbara Rogers-Scharneck from Ward Hill has been re-appointed by American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) President Zippy Duvall to its Promotion and Education (P&E) committee.

This national committee is focused on bridging the gap between farmers and consumers by providing tools and resources to other Farm Bureau members who are eager to help share agriculture’s story. 

Her responsibilities and roles in the committee will continue to include surfacing, prioritizing and developing ideas for agricultural promotion and education; providing effective, practical tools for implementing grassroots projects; and increasing opportunities for training volunteers to be effective agricultural advocates. 

Rogers-Scharneck is a fourth-generation farmer in eastern Massachusetts. On the farm, Rogers-Scharneck and her family raise replacement heifers and grow feed hay, silage, corn, strawberries, pumpkins, apples, butternut squash and carrots. They also have a You-Pick operation and offer school tours. The farm also includes a full-service garden center, where the family grows their own annuals and perennials. 

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