Factors Affecting The Length of Your Car Accident Injury Settlement Period

15 Important Factors Affecting a Car Crash Injury Claim

When people get into a car accident, there are many things they worry about. One of the common questions people ask their car accident attorney near Syracuse after getting into an accident is how long it will take to settle the case. Medical bills keep piling up, and if you have to miss work, you need money to take care of your daily expenses. This can cause a dire need for monetary compensation. 

Filing a lawsuit can help you get compensation from the liable party. However, filing a case is only the first step of a usually lengthy process. Several factors can influence the length of your car accident case, and these factors can vary. 

Factors affecting the length of your car accident injury settlement period

  1. Shared blame. 

Sometimes it is easy to understand which party is liable for the accident. However, not all car accidents are simple and straightforward. Complex cases can raise the question of shared blame. 

Your car accident settlement may take longer if it is unclear which party caused the accident. If it is proved that you were responsible for your injuries, the case gets dismissed. If there was shared blame, the court takes time to calculate fault percentages. Then, you only get compensation according to that percentage 

  1. The severity of the injury.

It goes without saying that the more severe the injuries are, the longer it takes for a case to settle. For example, a case involving permanent paralysis will be more complex and time-taking than a simple ankle sprain. According to the Syracuse law, the following fall under the category of a serious injury. 

  • Injuries that result in death.
  • Injuries that cause permanent impairment of the body.
  • Injuries that result in permanent body disfigurement. 

It takes more time to understand the full extent of serious injuries and their total medical costs. You do not want to accept the first settlement offered to you to speed up the process and regret it later. 

  1. Evidence. 

The more evidence there is, the closer the State gets to determining fault in a legal case. It goes without saying that a lack of evidence can significantly slow down a legal matter. This is because, without evidence, it is difficult to determine who caused the accident and who should pay for the damages. 

It can also be challenging to negotiate a settlement without evidence of the other party’s fault. Evidence can include anything from the photos of the accident scene to witnesses. 

Among all the factors that affect the length of your case, the quality of your attorney matters the most. A skilled and experienced attorney can speed up legal matters, no matter the circumstances. They will generally know which actions can expedite the process so you can take your money home as soon as possible.