April 19, 2024

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Kansas saw 4,551 new COVID-19 scenarios reported Wednesday

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COVID-19 testing is available for free at Hummer Sports Park in Topeka and other facilities. [Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal]

Kansas described a increase of 4,551 COVID-19 cases since Monday, as well as 155 new hospitalizations in that time frame.

The condition also described an increase of 140 deaths, even though most of the deaths look to have happened previously in the pandemic, instead than in modern times. Overall, 2,253 total fatalities have been linked to COVID-19.

The Kansas Office of Wellbeing and Environment also reported many new COVID-19 clusters, such as seven situations connected to a Frito Lay producing middle in Topeka.

The agency also claimed outbreaks at a Pfizer plant in McPherson, a significant college in Pittsburg and the Jewell County Sheriff’s Workplace.

Most of the clusters continue being, nonetheless, in extensive-expression treatment. There are 210 active clusters at these services, accounting for around 5,000 cases. 

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