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Managing Director – Staff Position & Operational Business

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Managing Director – Staff Position & Operational Business

Bedrijf:   Dry Hydroponics BV 
Regio:   Westland, The Netherlands

Are you interested to work in ‘Controlled Environmental Agriculture’? Are you skilled when it comes to structuring accounting and financial processes? And are you experienced in shaping terms of delivery and license agreements? Dry Hydroponics wants to extend its management team with a managing director who handles the rapid international growth of the company. In this role we expect you to contribute to building the foundation for further growth. We are searching for applicants with broad experience in expanding businesses in the role of:

Managing Director I Staff Position & Operational Business

Extensive knowledge, detail-oriented and go above and beyond the call of duty


Dry Hydroponics® has proven to be THE cultivation system for leafy vegetables in the horticultural greenhouse industry. We have established a strong customer base in the USA and other countries. Our entrepreneurs Chris and Maurice, are focused on innovation, customer relations and project engineering. In order to expand and to improve  our international activities, we expect you to work on the following activities:

Your to do list contains:

  • The management team complements and bears responsibility for daily operations;
  • Planning and executing purchasing projects in several regions, worldwide;
  • Shaping terms of delivery, creating a license structure improve accounting and other financial processes;
  • Establishing subsidiaries and frame collaborations with existing parties, in an effort, to secure local presence;
  • Building and managing project portfolios as well as the integration of specialist expertise in various projects;
  • Monitoring the input of the parties involved and when needed, adjusting the process.

Required experience:

Knowledge and experience in financial and legal industries. Demonstrated ability to efficiently manage projects.

Desired experience:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, detail oriented and curious;
  • Involved, driven, open minded and flexible;
  • Experienced with international business.


Team Dry Hydroponics:

Dry Hydroponics currently employs six people. They are active in sales, construction preparation, purchasing, construction supervising, crop supervising and other supporting activities. Everyone is passionate about his task and likes to participate in a growing number of projects that lead to a larger customer base. Dry Hydroponics operates from a demo nursery in Schipluiden in The Netherlands.

Job offer:

  • International interactions in the green sector;
  • Independently managing the required tasks with trust of the team;
  • Varied activities, in which the best in you comes into its own;
  • A competitive salary with benefits commensurate with experience and skills;
  • You office, your base is Dry Hydroponics office at Schipluiden.


Call, email or app:  [email protected] or +316-52601456. Watch our video’s on www.movetocatch.nl where Maurice tells you more about Dry Hydroponics.


More about the company: https://bit.ly/3vfxNJd

Link to the vacancy: https://bit.ly/3v9oNpj

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