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The Mobius Strip And Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

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The Mobius Strip And Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

mobius strip

A huge thank you to Dr Mobius.

For individuals not familiar with this strip it is technically a 1 dimensional surface area (a mathematical construct) not a 2 D item. To make your own only just take a strip of paper, set a half twist into it, and then tape or glue the finishes jointly.

Trace all over a person edge and you will come across your finger moves from inside to outside. The identical point takes place when you follow a surface. This is why many conveyor belts have a fifty percent twist in them, it ensures that wear is even on the two sides.

There are quite a few interesting issues about the Mobius strip but below is one particular that is seriously interesting. Attract a line down the center of the area and then minimize alongside it. You will come across that you nevertheless have a strip but you have introduced an more 2 half twists so there are now 3. The strip hence retains all of its authentic qualities.

So what? The strip is a wonderful metaphor for the dissemination of knowledge. The more you distribute it around you discover that it does not lose its value and you, the supply, may possibly even raise yours.

Preserve it to yourself and the awareness has no price despite the fact that you could possibly raise your moi.

Feel about it, sharing is good, and really don’t ignore to appear up all the awesome factors you can do with a Mobius strip.

Let us make your awareness operate for you …

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