What Are the Four Major Types of Web Developers?

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Beyond the shadow of a doubt, a company is not going to last very long without an effective and efficient website. Such is the reason why companies based in LA go for local professionals such as Los Angeles web developers, as they often provide the most bang for buck when it comes to general business. It also helps that they’re in the same time zone, as it makes sure that any kind of feedback or update occurs when both client and agency are at work. Going for an agency in a different time zone doesn’t mean that things will automatically go wrong, but there’s always a lag between new updates.

In any case, learning how best to make use of web design specialists can go quite a long way to providing a much easier route to success. After all, it would be wise for any company to learn about the processes of the professionals they hire, otherwise they will always need help. Learning from professionals can help even the most inexperienced entrepreneur learn from the experience and make something new.

That said, there are four major types of web design agencies, and it’s a good idea to learn about all four to help companies come to an informed decision about which to pick. Here are the four major types of agencies, as well as the advantages that come with each.

Large web design companies

The first major type comes from a web developer agency that has grown large enough to attract plenty of clients without trying. They typically already have multiple systems in place to help companies of all sizes make their mark. The use of large web design companies is recommended as many are known to be quite reliable. It is not necessarily something that depends on talent or creativity, but rather consistency.

The help of the freelancer

Freelancers are some of the most unique ways to have a website developed in the current industry landscape. First and foremost, it’s likely that freelancing web design is just one of their jobs. They either have a full-time job elsewhere, or have other freelance work that they do. They are not necessarily the most reliable of workers, unless you can find one that comes recommended by multiple sources.

That said, if there is one thing a freelancer has, it’s a guarantee that the work will be reasonably priced. Some freelancers don’t even bother to charge by the hour, instead choosing a flat rate. While many might not consider this the best possible option, some freelancers are rather creative, and they can be surprisingly efficient. It’s all about making enough time to research the best possible freelancer for the job.

The potential of the outsourced agency

Outsourcing is typically one of the most significant advantages of new companies, such as a business outsourcing IT services to help ensure that they compete with the best right off the bat. In the case of web design, an outsourced agency is typically found within a different country, which means the time zone could be a problem. There is also the issue of communicating with those from a foreign country, as there might be issues in communication.

The advantage of an outsourced agency is that — depending on the research — you could come across one that is particularly fantastic. The prices they offer are on the low side, though higher than what the company might experience from freelancers.

Boutique web developer agencies

Of the four major types, the boutique is typically considered the most useful, as they are the specialists of their craft. They are also considered to be one of the most expensive depending on the reputation of the boutique agency the company hires. There will likely be quite a few local boutique agencies, which means time zones will probably not be a problem. The specialty of this type of web developer is that they practice what they preach. The outsourced agency might have plenty of promises but fail to live up to most. When a boutique agency makes a promise, they do whatever it takes to get the job done.

As stated, however, they can be quite expensive. Considering that companies get what they pay for, that might not be such a bad deal. For startups that have to handle plenty of expenses, however, it might not be such a good idea. The use of a boutique agency is only recommended for those that are willing to pay a premium for a job well done.

The different types of web design agencies can seem confusing at first, but it’s all about finding the one that best fits the company’s style. Most of the time, companies will consider web design agencies based on the price, though it’s a good idea to look into every aspect before coming to a decision.

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