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What Does Collagen Have to Do with Your Business? –

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I know lots of of you are almost certainly inquiring what a business blog site is carrying out conversing about collagen. So, allow me convey to you!


As company leaders, we are inclined to focus so intently on our enterprise, especially when we are experiencing the issues brought about by COVID, that we forget about a single of the most significant items . . . our well being!

And that is exactly where collagen comes in.

Most of us are common with protein. Collagen, one particular kind of protein, will make up about one-third of your body’s full protein. It is critical for our muscle tissues, bones, tendons, ligaments, pores and skin, and other connective tissue.

Benefits of Collagen

Age and lousy diet plan are the two key contributors to collagen degrees dropping. The age in which collagen generation starts off to drop varies from human being to individual, but the typical is 25 a long time.

From that level, our bodies generate 1% considerably less collagen per yr contributing to wrinkles, considerably less adaptable tendons and ligaments, and joint pain.

Loads of analysis has been accomplished to verify the gains collagen can convey when it comes to our skin, joints, and other tissues in our human body.

1 2018 research revealed in Nutrition Analysis observed that day by day supplementation of collagen improved pores and skin texture and elasticity as nicely as benefitted joint health and fitness. The final results uncovered that compared to the placebo group, individuals taking the collagen had:

  • 43% reduction in joint pain
  • 39% enhance in joint mobility
  • 40% increase in pores and skin elasticity
  • Extra hydrated skin

Your bones may possibly also get more powerful with the addition of collagen in your diet.

A further 2018 review published in Vitamins and minerals found that bone mineral density enhanced by 7% in the woman participants who took 5 grams of collagen each day for 12 months. Bone mineral density is the amount of mineral in your bones that measures bone health and chance of fractures.

If it is also minimal, your bones turn into weak and you have a bigger probability of building osteoporosis (a ailment that produces “porous bones” that are quite weak and can simply split).

Other Rewards of Collagen

Heart health2017 study observed major reduction in artery stiffness when participants took 16 grams of collagen just about every working day for 6 months.

Strengthen muscle mass – elevated muscle mass and toughness was proven in a 2015 study where males took 15 grams of collagen while doing exercises each day for 12 weeks. This was in comparison to males who ended up training with out collagen supplementation.

Hair and nails – your nails could turn out to be considerably less brittle and much better with collagen supplementation. It may also assist encourage hair and nail growth in accordance to a 2017 research.

Where by to Get Collagen

You can get collagen from specific foodstuff such as animal pores and skin and bone broth, but with age can occur the incapability to crack down and absorb vitamins and minerals efficiently.

A lot of collagen dietary supplements are hydrolyzed, which signifies the protein is now damaged down and it will make it much easier on your entire body to soak up.

Top collagen food items incorporate:

  • Meat these kinds of as rooster and fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy items
  • Bone broth

Other meals can aid boost collagen manufacturing, specifically these that comprise copper, zinc, and vitamin C. They incorporate:

  • Citrus fruits such as grapefruit and oranges
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Leafy environmentally friendly greens
  • Bell peppers

Collagen can be simply added to your diet program with nutritional supplements that are easily available.

As most of you know, I seldom endorse a solution on this blog site. Having said that, I am creating an exception this time! I have been utilizing Naked Nutrition’s Creatine for some time and I have not long ago come throughout their Collagen product or service which I would really suggest!

Bare Nutrition’s collagen peptides powder has only a single ingredient (and the only ingredient you want): Hydrolyzed bovine collagen from European pasture elevated cows.

It is odorless and tasteless, making it basic to add to very hot or cold drinks, smoothies, or even food stuff like yogurt or oatmeal with no a negative aftertaste.

Consider Motion

So, irrespective of whether you make your mind up to take a collagen dietary supplement or not, choose action now and adjust your food plan and life style routines!

Make sure that you are placing your individual well being forward of your business! Your business is meaningless if you are not balanced sufficient to lead it!

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