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Fidelity Bank

The bank has announced that 13 bankers have been promoted to new executive officer positions. A prominent group of bankers is demonstrating the bank’s vision and core values. The new executive officers are:

Delbert “Bert” James Jr. Was promoted to Senior Vice President. James is a bank guard. He managed more than 4,500 fraud cases, with total exposure of over $ 63 million and leaving the bank for over $ 4.5 million. His diligence resulted in an 85{14cc2b5881a050199a960a1a3483042b446231310e72f0dc471a7a1eddd6b0c3} recovery rate. In addition, his implementation of continuous branch training for counterfeit checks has significantly reduced losses. An expert in his field, James also has extensive experience in bank secrecy (BSA) issues. He constantly supports bank BSA officers, contributes to the bank’s strong BSA rating, and shares bank security expertise with branch management and deposit operations. James, a resident of Scranton, joined the staff in 2008.

Sharon Mullaney has been appointed Senior Vice President. Mullaney is a Business Services Solutions Manager and has been working in banks since 2015. A resident of Lake Ariel, she has a reputation as one of the best financial management bankers in the area. A trusted advisor, Mullaney offers clients outstanding service. Mullaney has a deep understanding of business needs and cash flow cycles, providing clients and prospects with their own customized solutions. She has been a board member of the Griffin Pound Animal Shelter since 2018 and is currently a secretary. She also graduated from Leadership Lackawanna in 2000 and completed the PA Bankers Association Advanced School of Banking in 2019.

John Pash has been promoted to Senior Vice President. Reliable financial adviser Pash joined the banking team in 2015 and is a financial analyst in the finance department. Pash has considerable experience in accounting and financial reporting, is transparent, and has best-in-class, fully integrated financial reporting process expertise. Pash is a resident of Jamin.

Todd Saab has been appointed Senior Vice President. As a business relationship manager in Lehigh Valley, Saab joined the banking team in 2018. He is a trusted advisor and a major commercial lender in the region. He provides customized solutions to clients and prospects based on his expertise in the cash flow cycle of his business. Saab is a resident of Lower Macan Ghee.

Certified accountant Rosecoin has been appointed Vice President. A resident of Scranton, Coyne is a financial reporting specialist. She joined the banking team in 2012 and gained a reputation as a banker who is active, action-oriented and dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of all financial reporting.

George Czajkowski has been appointed Vice President. Facility manager Czajkowski plays a key role in optimizing the management and security of all bank assets. He has a reputation as a devoted and active expert in his field.

William J of CFA. Fennie III has been appointed Vice President. Fenny, a resident of Scranton, is Head of Trust Investment in the Wealth Management Division of Fidelity Bank. Since joining the bank in 2018, he has built strong relationships with bank wealth management clients and internal business partners. Fenny, who specializes in investment management, is chairman of the Bank’s Wealth Management Investment Strategy Committee. He takes a client-centric approach to tailoring his portfolio and financial plans to suit each client’s goals and objectives.

Robert “RJ” Riley has been appointed Vice President. Riley joined the staff in 2017 as a Business Relationship Manager. Riley, a natural leader in his profession, specializes in business operations and has the innate ability to quickly assess client needs to develop customized solutions. Riley is a resident of Kingston.

Patricia Curly has been appointed Vice President. She has been a retail store manager in Pittston since 2011. She has a proven track record of successfully providing outstanding experiences to communities, clients, bankers and business partners. Curly is a resident of Yatesville.

JoAnn Fuller-Lawless has been appointed Assistant Vice President and Project Manager. Since joining the bank in 2019, Fuller-Lawless has quickly established itself as a resource in all areas of the bank. Her project management and banking expertise helped streamline branch and retail services, deposit and loan operations. Fuller-Lawless is a resident of Beach Lake.

Chris O’Brien has been appointed Vice President. O’Brien, a resident of Shavertown, joined the banking team in 2016 as a Merchant Services Specialist. Incorporating the philosophy of relationship banking, O’Brien is an industry leader with outstanding sales skills. He has been repeatedly recognized by bank merchant service provider Elavon as the top sales performer for new accounts, throughput, and bank revenues activated.

Matthew Stroney has been appointed Vice President and Credit Manager. An integral member of the bank’s credit management team, Stroney was nominated by his peers as an outstanding service partner at the 2020 Fidelity Honors Gala. Among his many achievements were the acquisition of pandemic accounting, PPP lending, CARES law tolerance, and CARES law financial support programs such as CECL. Strony, a resident of Dalton, joined the banking team in 2017.

Lauren Luongo was given the position of officer. Luongo, who has been a member of the banking team since 2012, is a business relationship manager in Lackawanna County. Providing outstanding service to internal and external partners and clients Luongo employs relationship banking to provide outstanding client service. Luongo is a resident of Roaring Brook Twp.

Manly method

Robert W Manly III Manly Method

R. Manly

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Daniel Manly Manly method

D. Manly

Manly method


J. Manly

Manly method

JOHN MULCAHEY Manly method


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Manly method

Six of the company’s lawyers are included in the 2021 edition of the Pennsylvania Super Lawyer. Marion K. Munley, Robert W. Munley III, Daniel W. Munley, James Christopher Munley, and John M. Marcahei have all been designated to recognize only 5{14cc2b5881a050199a960a1a3483042b446231310e72f0dc471a7a1eddd6b0c3} of US lawyers. Marion Manly was also named one of the Top 50 Female Lawyers in Pennsylvania.

In addition, Katie Nealon was selected for the 2021 list of Pennsylvania’s featured stocks. It recognizes only 2.5{14cc2b5881a050199a960a1a3483042b446231310e72f0dc471a7a1eddd6b0c3} of American lawyers with less than 10 years of work experience.

To be included in a Super Lawyer, the lawyer must be nominated by his / her peers or identified by the Super Lawyer Research Department. Lawyers cannot nominate themselves or pay to be listed. The nominated lawyer is subject to a thorough evaluation and selection process.

Rosen Jenkins & Greenwald LLP



Rosen Jenkins

Paul Rushton Rosen Jenkins


Rosen Jenkins

Lawyers Lee S. Piat and Paul T. Rushton have been reappointed as members of the Commercial Code Section Council of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

The council governs the business law section of the bar, which is interested in the development and practical application of state and national law on finance, business and partnerships. This section also addresses the laws surrounding trading, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, trustees, and business regulation.

Piat and Rushton, formerly members of the council, are active on the department’s close business committee, chaired by Rushton. They are members of the Section Title 15 Committee and contribute to the Section Newsletter.

Wayne Bank



Wayne Bank

Bonnie Ratledge has been promoted to Vice President and Trust Officer.

Rutledge has been with the bank since 2012 as a member of the Wealth Management Division. While working towards the CTFA designation, she received paralegal accreditation through Pennsylvania State University and several accreditations for trust and wealth management through the American Banking Association. She is very active in the community and volunteers in many local organizations, including perinatal bereavement support and resource organizations. Rutledge lives in Hornsdale.

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